Hello everyone,
time for a new update.



Assembling the first prototype was great, it gave me new and overall it went better than expected; I’ve redesigned few pieces in order to address the problems met, working toward publishing the V1.0 release. I would have liked to jump straight to the V 1.0 but I’d like to test the updates of this version before committing to a proper release.

Mainly I’ve opted for taking out excess weight thus making the project both lighter and cheaper. Now the pieces fit into 2 plywood sheets instead of the previous 3. Moreover I’ve reworked the leg to bracket connection aiming to increase the torsional rigidity of the tabletop.
I’m happy to say I completed the assembly manual. You can find it attached at the end of this post.

Anyway, as the work around the table comes to completion, I’ve finally started to work on the next project, an interesting post will follow soon.


As always feel free to join on Discord for more discussions and to download the latest release on github