Mill_Table#2.5 – waiting for the prototype

We finally sent quotations two weeks ago and should be able to mill the pieces in about two weeks!

Few considerations: 

  • we had quotations spanning from 500€ (plywood included) to 750€,  we decided to go through with the higher price due to the faster delivery.
  • Again, concerning prices, starting in late 2021, all kind of construction wood got a rise in price up to 50% their 2020 price, thanks to this our current quote could seem a bit inflated upwards (rough extimate cost of 1 plywood panel size1220x2440 being 100-130€)
  • As it is right know, the V0.6. table fits 3 plywood sheets, starting with V.0.7, we will work towards fitting it in just two, hopefully cutting the final price down 15%.

While we wait, I’ve started working on the “frameless” table, which will be the final choice for most of you(since I believe almost no one needs a self-healing cutting mat on top of it : )  ).

Here next few images : 

As you can see from the model view, the perimeter thickness is doubled to 36mm in order to achieve better overall proportions and to rise the stiffness or rigidity of the wooden board while keeping the frame as narrow and light as possible.

Thank you,




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